Thursday, September 23, 2010

Celebration! First Pool Day!

     Please don't stare, you'll make me blush... 0.0 Today is pool day, one of the specialty days! Let's see... Today I'll give an update on the Haruhi Desktop Accessories, talk about swimming (Cause it's pool day, in case you didn't know!), and I'll share some music. First off...

     The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (commonly known as just 'Haruhi') is a story about a young girl who's terribly bored and so, sets out to find aliens, time travelers, and espers. Fighting to find the unexpected, she does just that. It's an anime made by Kyoto Animation, who brought you Lucky Star and K-ON!. I highly reccomend this comedy drama.
     And so, the Desktop Acc (DTA) came out in March 2010. The original actors recorded their voices especially for this. With oodles (and noodles!) of fun gadgets for your computer, it's a must-have for every Haruhi addict. It sells for 30$US and has not been leaked to the internet world yet. Therefore I can't get it. *Cries* Anyway, I just cant get it to you guys yet. Be patient with me, I'm working on getting other things to you at the moment. How does customized screensavers sound? :3 I'll be willing to take requests once I get the right software, Just give me a video and a music clip, and I'll give you a screensaver! :)

   Haha OK, okay.... Lets talk about some swimming! Since it's pool day and all...All I can do is the doggie paddle. (WHAT?! She's hosting pool day and cant swim?!) I know, it's silly but I like playing in the water! :3 If only there was an insta-dry though... I either want to be fully submerged, or dry. I hate being soggy. :( But as long as I'm having fun with friends, it's all good. I hate swimming alone. I also feel self consious in almost nothing playing around like that, I'm not too shy but I have my flaws. :) Like everyone right?
     Okay... So I'll share two albums with you guys this time. You want the Bleach Beat Collections? You got it. :) Here's the first session:

Bleach Beat Collection: Session 01
Ichigo Kurosaki

Track listing:
01. My Blade, As My Pride
02. Tattoos On The Sky
03. Memories In The Rain
04. My Blade, As My Pride (Off Vocal)

Bleach Beat Collection: Session 01
Abarai Renji
Track listing:
01. Rosa Rubicundior, Lillio Candidor
02. Standing To Defend You
03. Gome Tamemitai na Mache de Oritachi wa Deatta
04. Rosa Rubicundidor, Lillio Candidor (Off Vocal)

Bleach Beat Collection: Session 01
Ishida Uryuu

Track listing:
01. Quincy no Hokori ni Kakete
02. Aesthetics and Identify
03. Suigintou no Yoru
04. Quincy no Hokori ni Kakete (Off Vocal)

Bleach Beat Collection: Session 01
Hanataro Yamada & Kon
Track listing:
01. Shimpainai Onee-san
02. Hanatarou Desu

 Bleach Beat Collection: Session 01
Gin Ichimaru

Track listing:
01. Sekai wa Sude ni Azamuki no Ue ni
02. Fuyu no Hanabi (Feat. Rangiku)
04. Sekai wa Sude ni Azamaki no Ue ni (Off Vocal)

      Phew... I'll have the others for you too, as soon as I can! But at the moment............

     I like this one. ^.^ All of my pictures like this one... POINT ^^^^.... Are made with a game called 3D Custom Girl. Basically, it's dress-up. (Yay! Dress up!) Now, it is a Hentai too, so don't get any "I'll get this for my daughter" stuff. Bad things, man... 0.0 I ignore the bad stuff and use it to make my blog more... well... me. :) 
     Anyway I'm done for today. (Phew!) Time to hit the Submit button and hope it all doesn't go blank.... 0.0 Here's hoping... 0.0

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