Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Game, New Mission, New Look!

   I've been busy with catching up on Bleach so I can complete my new mission... Curious? I'll talk about it in a bit! This post will be about the new game I've been playing, my mission, nay, my DUTY, and, well... There was something else. I'll add something. Or I might ramble on too much for there to be time, who knows. Anyways...
     It's in honor of the new MMORPG I've been playing! It's still in beta, and its barely translated to English. That's one factor I like about it. The game is called CosmicBreak, and it is a mecha-combat centered MMO.
The story of the game is you are in one of three fractions and you fight the other fractions, or join up with them to defeat the bad guys. The game is complicated enough to not get boring, yet it is simple enough to get a hang of fast enough. That's one aspect I like about it. There are different types of mechas, and you are not limited to just one character. In fact, it's more like a party of mechas that you control. For example, you start out with one. Be it air, land, or artillery, that's a mecha you get for free. So choose carefully. Then you can get other mechas by buying them to form your party, so if you die in battle, you use another mecha. Anyways, here's the link.
And now...

     It's time for me to relay my mission objectives! I am in the process of making... a... UlquiHime AMV! It's my duty, as one who is able and willing, to give them their good time together. Honestly, I think they're perfect for each other. Every negative needs a positive. And I truly believe Ulquiorra is good, deep down, but Aizen has corrupted him. Until Orihime made him wonder. Therefore it's a perfect story set up for the fangirls who love the strong, monotone guys. (ME.) Anyways I will not give out any spoilers for my AMV. It's a secret. But once I'm done I will post the YouTube link on here. I swear. I'll even dress for the occasion. That's my mission.
     I remembered what else I was going to talk about! LOLcats! Should I post some favorites that I found today? I shall! I'm a sucker for kitty cats, they're so cute and soft and lovable... :3

 I Can Haz Cheezburger...Cupcake??
(Now my Facebook Profile Picture)

Kitties In Love
(This one I plan to play with in Photoshop!)

And I shall end this with the cute kitties. I'll try to post more often, I swear!

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