Friday, November 5, 2010

Rainbows and AMVs~!

      Welcome to everyone who hasn't seen my blog before! It's been a while... About a month or two, even, since I've posted... But now since things have settled down for now, lets take a look at what I have to talk to you about today~! First, I will show you how my mission went... Then I'll share some of my favorite music and then talk to you about what I'm going to do next! :3
    Ta-da! This is my finished mission, i think i did pretty well! For my first-ever AMV, that is... Anyway I thought the song fit nicely... So tell me what you think! If you can't see the embedded video, I'll give you the link to it via. YouTube:

     You bet it is~! This time I have a few wallpaper packs, a few of my favorite albums, and, by request, a copy of 3DCG! Let me know if you have any requests as well... I love to please my fans~! Anyways here are the Wallpaper Packs... I have...

Bleach Ultimate Wallpaper Pack [HQ]
    This I've made my own by adding you-know-who to the mix... But there's still lots of great character wallpapers in here! There are TONS. So no character is without a wallpaper~!

K-On! Wallpaper Pack
     These wallpapers are SO cute, and I love this anime!  Comes with tons of wallpapers, and full of all the characters!
Lucky☆Star Wallpaper Pack
               This one I made, so it's not as good as some others, but I chose to cutest ones to include!
     This time I'm sharing The Best of (My favorite J-rock band~) Aqua Timez! You may recognize them from Bleach or other animes... But I think their music is fun and awesome~

The BEST of Aqua Timez
Disc 1
Track Listing
01. 千の夜をこえて
02. 虹
03. ハチミツ ~Daddy, Daddy~
05. 小さな掌
07. Velonica
08. 歩み
09. ひとつだけ
10. ほんとはね
11. 秋の下で
12. 青い空
13. 最後まで
Disc 2
01. 等身大のラブソング
02. シャボン玉Days
03. 世界で一番小さな海よ
04. 決意の朝に
05. しおり
06. 希望の咲く丘から
07. 一瞬の塵
08. 夏のかけら
09. いつもいっしょ
10. 星の見えない夜
11. プルメリア ~花唄~
12. 向日葵
13. 白い森

Download Me:
~Disc 1~
~Disc 2~

Sorry I have it in two parts, it's too big to upload it all in one~

     For the people who want the download for 3DCG, here it is! This is a torrent file, so you will need Vuze, Bittorrent, or some other torrent program to run it. Then you can get the file easy! If you need help, or don't understand torrents:
I will respond within 12 hours, usually! If you prefer not to email, just comment below and I will answer as soon as I can! So, the moment you've been waiting for, here's the download!
    Okay, well I am going to make a show at some point! Because of technical difficulties, it will not be a typical recording of myself talking... I will record my voice and animate myself as a character! But~ I need costume ideas! Maid costume, waitress, combat-prone... You choose! It, of course, will be a 3DCG, so I'll make whatever I can! Here's hoping it'll turn out great~! Anyways, that's all I have for today, so....


  1. do you use bittorent to use 3DCG ?

  2. You need to use Bittorrent, Vuze, or another torrent application to download the installation. Afterwards, you can install the program and use it anywhere. I hope I helped~!