Monday, September 20, 2010

Yeah, so...

Welcome to my blog. My second blog. It's like a public diary. With less secrets.

I am going to work harder this time at keep it updated, my last one was on blogpress and just wasn't as easy to write with...  This site looks more reliable, I'll work on making my background less busy... It will still be green and have Ulquiorra in it though, I have to have him! *Fangirl scream* Ehem...

I know a lot of people think the Ulquiorra X Orihime couple is odd, especially because... well... hes dead. BUT. I think Orihime would be good for him, I could imagine her taking everything in stride and making him wonder about why she's so happy in such a miserable world... I'm writing a Fan Fiction on it, actually, trying to stay along the anime as strict as possible. Its no small feat, I tell you. You know what, though? I made Grimmjow a mean bastard in my fiction. That's just the feeling I get off of him. Oh, and I don't watch the English dubs. Icky little things. Adds too much America to the original culture, you know?

I'm pretty sober aat the moment, hence the way I'm typing... Sometimes I'll be this way, other times i'll be laughing and teasing and things like that.  Just who I am. My name is Melissa St. John. PLEASE don't try to find me on facebook, I don't like getting friend requests from 20 year old men in Persia... 0.0

*Sigh* I'll end it here cause I'm starting to sound depressing. Am I? Well if I am, go ahead and yell "Hooray" cause I'm ending this. Huzzah? Huzzah.

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