Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eating Chocolate and Rainbows... (Free Computer Goodies!)

     Hey everyone, I'm back with presents! ^.^ I thought that since I have them, I'll share my files. After all, a lot of them I got from blogs, dont'cha know? :3

     Now for all of the people who know Vocaloid, the voice syntesizer from Japan, I have a few cute characters that go on your desktop.

    Desktop Miku
      This little desktop Miku sings and shakes her leek to the music! She has multiple options, and is adorable!
You can download this other places, but I promise you mine is completely virus-free... ^.^;

     Desktop Rin and Len
     This is... (You guessed it!) Rin and Len, desktop version! These guys dancearound on your screen. (It took me a couple tries to get them to stay in one place!) These are hard to find, so if you want them, get them now... ^.^;

Lucky Battle Chronicle
   For all the lucky star fans... Play Konata-chan, Akira-chan, and more in this side-scrolling battle game.

   All done for now! I'll make sure to add more downloadables later, some Haruhi ones and more Lucky Star... Clannad ones, too! Don't worry, I'll raid the internet and snatch all I can! :3

     Anyway, I will work hard to keep this blog interesting, and fun for everyone...So, this means...
     Bring on the questions and orders! This will be a recurring theme for my blog entries. I will answer anything you ask in the comments, and do anything you order me too. (Again, in the comments!) The exceptions are:

*Anything that is inappropriate will be ignored*
*I will not give you my contact information. (Except for my email address.)*
*If you ask for a picture of me, do not expect me to be clothes-less!*

     This is for pure fun and embarrassment, and will help me grow closer to my blog-readers. WARNING: You may get a dare in return!! >:3 Anyway, I hope this didn't bore you half to death, I tried to make it fun. Did it work? 0.0 Haha, I'll talk to you guys next time. ^.^ 

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