Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More downloads! :D

     I'm back with a Bleach screensaver and Clannad desktop accessories!!

     Okay... Here we go...! :3

     This is the Bleach Screensaver. there are falling cherry blossom petals, Rukia blinks, and it plays "Life is a Boat" by Rie Fu. A very nicely made screensaver. :) Now if only they made an Ulquiorra one... 0.0

     And, you guessed it, the Clannad Desktop Accessories! This comes with two wallpapers, a screensaver, desktop icons and a calender! Download it here:

     All of my files that I'm giving out are RAR files. To open them you need an extracting program. I use WinRAR, so I'll give you the link. You can download it here. If the 32-bit does not work, try the 64-bit. (For Vista and 7.) The program itself is pretty basic, and does not need lots of space. When you try to download one of my files, you should see an option to open it with WinRAR. If not, like you're using IE, (Ick!) just right-click, and press Open with>WinRAR. You should get a window like this:
     Depending on your download, the files shown will be different. You want to hit the "Extract To" Button, then choose where you want the files to go. Simple, isn't it? :)
      Tomorrow's pool day! You know what that means... Swimsuits!! I have to think of what to talk about for tomorrow though... *Sigh!*
     That's all for today, but I promise I'll write tomorrow... Nothing else to do in my boring life! :3

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