Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~A new mix... Like lollipops and soda!~

   I was informed today that there is a new game coming out... No, it's not licensed by Jump, or anything... But... It DOES feature all the characters from Bleach and Naruto as cute chibis! The game is going into beta soon in the US, I registered for it so I will keep you updated on that... Of course, you can always register yourself ~Here!~ Here's some information about the game:
~Pockie Ninja~

    In this highly-anticipated new MMORPG, it focuses on a unique, exciting journey of a ninja entrusted with defeating those who would harm Angel City. As the 'Chosen One', the ninja needs to restore order and learn (and use) extrordinary ninja skills along the way. The journey will bring you to many locations, including special dojo's and mountains, plains, and caverns.

    You will be able to choose from hundreds of characters to accomodate tons of different playing styles. The choices range from focused Ninja practioniers, to cocky street fighter, to affectionate love interest. 

    For me, this seems like a game either to live a short life, or be caught before it can be played at all, but I hope Jump at least considers buying it, and not just shutting it down. I think its as good as an MMORPG can get, with these characters, but maybe I'm expecting too much. After all, I haven't played it yet! According to the screenshots, it looks like the game was already released in China.

    Pockie Ninja is an anime-based browser game that combines dialouge, graphics, stunning visual images, and special battle effects. The game features 'One Character, Multi-Classes', breaking down that stereotype where one character can only have one class. You choose from hundreds of anime characters, exclusive class and hidden skills. Pockie Ninja features 12 unique systems, including overwhelming skills, various equipments, effectively free synthesis, relaxing homeland, impelling slaving, cute pets, multiple classes,breathtaking combats, thrilling ranking tournament, challenging levels, mystic explorations, and grand large-scale battles. 

~As the hope of righteousness, come to join us in Pockie Ninja and save the world!~

    As you can see, I'm excited. I hope you are too! Thats all for today... Bye-bee~!

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    Hope too see you in game and Pockie Ninja forum